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repealedThe vote to repeal the Jonesboro Property Maintenance Code was truly a David and Goliath battle, but once again, the Davids won.

Against all odds — and against the support of half of the city council and the mayor — the people, a true grassroots movement, showed up on May 10, 2016 and voted by a two-to-one majority to repeal this international maintenance property code.

No other issue has so stirred the people of Jonesboro in recent times for the people to take the extraordinary act of forcing change upon their elected officials. The vote and subsequent repeal both showed overwhelming support against the mayor and his plan to implement a property maintenance code.

The people spoke. They want to protect the elderly, the ill, and the poor from the onerous requirements of this code.

The people of Jonesboro spoke and are calling the mayor and the city council to listen.

Any amendments or attempts by the mayor to tweak or revive this code would certainly be done in violation of the Arkansas Constitution, because once the people speak to an issue, only a super majority vote of the Council can attempt to revive what the people have so clearly rejected.

The people are calling on all elected officials to honor the property rights of the citizens of Jonesboro and reduce the overreach of the local government. Let everyone return to a more united Jonesboro, where representatives speak for and not against the will and desire of the people.
— Press Release by Travis Story, Story Law Firm, attorney representing the repeal effort