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CBD-no“A cool project” says the banner headline. Depends on who you ask, we say.

Does downtown Conway need an endangered species mural? Conway’s uber Progressive city government/city leaders think so — and it should be funded by the Center for Biological Diversity (other sponsors include the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, Hendrix College, and the Conway Public Art Board).

UPDATE 9/5/2016: When this post was written in early July, it was assumed the endangered species mural would probably be located on the east side of Jennifer’s Antiques downtown. However this week’s Arkansas Gazette reports that building owner Jennifer Hendrix has decided not to participate, so the Conway Public Art Board is still seeking a downtown location for the environmentalist advertisement.

You’ll remember the Center for Biological Diversity (CBD). We told you about its unholy alliance with the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service when the feds tried to push the over-reaching White River Blueway over on Arkansans back in 2013. Both are overrun by Progressives who pledge allegiance to “climate change” and “saving the environment,” whether supported by actual science (or not, as it turns out).

Conway continues to re-make itself into a community of liberals only; who cares what Conway’s conservative residents think? Where does CBD get its money when they pay for a mural in Conway?

A large amount of money comes from sweetheart lawsuits financed by you, the taxpayer. CBD files these lawsuits (a favorite technique used by the Left — look up “sue and settle”) against the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service. By design, they result in settlements and judicial rulings that favor the environmentalists while circumventing Congress’ job to make law. It’s just another way the Progressive Left disrespects our American judicial system while jamming its political agenda down the throats of conservatives.

An endangered species mural? We say “No.” We’d like to enjoy downtown without being slapped in the face with such a constant visual reminder of the Left’s over-reaching environmentalist agenda. But, what Conway conservatives think doesn’t matter much to the Progressives who run this town.