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anti-tppWe’re watching….Democrat Progressives are more and more revealing their “my way or the highway” attitude toward anyone who doesn’t follow their socialist line of thinking for America’s future.

They are not content to allow others with opposing viewpoints to even have an opinion: If you do not agree with the collective’s thinking, the Left wlil strip away your right to speak at all.

We’ve seen this across college campuses where conservative students have been blocked from holding their own conservative events on college campuses and …

They even turn this anti-First-Amendment policy on their own party! Just ask Frank Klein of Mount Ida, an Arkansas Democrat delegate who was barred yesterday from the Democratic National Convention.

You see, Klein is a Bernie Sanders supporter, and he “displayed an unauthorized sign” during Obama’s DNC speech the day before. The Hillary camp/regime doesn’t appreciate “Anti-TPP” signs, so the best thing to do is just block those individuals from the arena — Democrats or not.

Klein reports the state delegation stripped his credentials, while another Sanders delegate from Arkansas — Jason Thompson of Russellville — said he was threatened with a ban after he also waved an anti-TPP sign and (gasp!) “made comments to a reporter that were viewed as anti-Clinton”!

A Hillary presidency poses so many dire threats to the American values of liberty and self governance. But, what kind of America would we be without the right to express our individual opinions and try to persuade others to our way of thinking? If the Hillary regime would rip this fundamental right away from a fellow Democrat, how long do you think it would be before she’d ensure that no American can speak against her?