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googleWe’re becoming more and more aware that the American media — including many well respected online and print news sources — have abandoned all thoughts of objective journalism in the Presidential election.

For those of you who do not believe the American media is controlling the messages we receive… take a look at today’s news about Google. The search engine that 60% to 70% of us regularly use has adjusted its algorithms to suppress auto-completing the term “Clinton body count.”

Auto-completing is when the search engines make immediate suggestions as you type to assist you in finding the information you want.

yahooGoogle (at least as of today) will not give you that search term… and if you type it in, you have to hit “enter” to get any results at all! Yahoo, on the other hand, seems to be most interested in assisting in the search, followed by Microsoft’s Bing search engine.

Try it yourself! Believe us now when we say the American media is manipulating our election information?

This week Hillary Clinton’s campaign asserted that right-wing websites “do not deserve to exist.” Do Google’s heavy-handed tactics in manipulating election information deserve your attention?

How important is your right to free speech in America?bing