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democrat-why-votesubmitted by an anonymous reader

Why would I wish to vote Democrat? The easy answer is I wouldn’t, but the “why” is important. The Democrat party is mostly liberal, although there are a few who are not. There are Liberal Republicans as well, so maybe the question should be “Why would I vote Liberal?” The answer here, too, is “I wouldn’t” and the “why” is still important.

My opinion is liberals and many of their supposedly non-political supporters are morally and ethically corrupt. That doesn’t mean that some claiming to be conservative are not, but certainly not to the depth nor breadth that liberals are corrupt and corrupted.

Liberals claim to have the working people’s best interest at heart, yet they engage in creating a client subculture that will live off the dole for generations if something is not done to break the cycle. Aside from the fact that nothing is “free,” giving people things does not make them independent.

Remember, you can “give a man a fish and feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.” Liberals give out fish with the expectations of receiving votes in return. This keeps them in power, and they never achieve anything positive for those they claim to represent. Maintaining the cycle of dependence is in their best interest. And both Republicans and Democrats do this.

So here we are getting ready to elect a president. Donald Trump is unknown but successful, Clinton is a proven liar, morally and ethically corrupt, just another version of Obama. There’s no choice insofar as how I’ll vote for president, and each of the candidates is indicative of what their party will do if they are elected.

Debbie Wasserman-Schultz was not the exception as a Democrat, she was the rule. I can’t vote for that — I’ll support the political unknown, Trump, in November.