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tax-and-spendA reader sent us this online commentary from a former Conway resident about the relocation of the Springfield-Des Arc bridge, a $300,000 project Conway helped pay for with $60,000 of city funds so the bridge could be preserved and used in one of the city’s numerous (and so very necessary) parks.

We’re not the only one who sees the City of Conway spending taxpayer money on bridges, parks, and shopping centers while existing infrastructure continues to suffer from neglect. The writer raises some useful questions to consider when you go to vote on November 8. Do we want more of the same — or a different approach?

Well, I see Mayor “tax and spend” Townsell is still hell bent and determined to waste our money on this old bridge that goes nowhere. This begs the question, how did we end up in this country with programs that use our tax money for such foolishness?

I read a post a few days ago that stated if you want to see a ghetto in the USA look in a city run by Democrats. Detroit is a shining example. … A city literally dying. Is Conway headed down this path on a smaller scale? Perhaps if one knows where to look.

For example, look at the street conditions, the condition of the drainage system, if you can call it such, hundred thousand dollar Christmas Trees, What’s wrong with the city council allowing the city basic infrastructure to crumble in such a manner? The street lane paint is so faded there essentially aren’t any designated lanes.

I like Mr. Elsingers slogan ” progress we can afford”. We could afford a lot of progress if our city government would stop wasting money on bridges to nowhere and outlandishly expensive Christmas Trees just to point out a couple of boondoggles.

Thank God for Conway Corp or we would be digging wells and burning coal oil lamps because the city government certainly would not know how to deal with such. We are squandering our heritage every day.

WAKE UP CONWAY it’s time to clean house. A recall of aldermen is in order with a careful selection of their replacements…..we can start with our selection of a Mayor.

I like Mr. Castleberry saying infrastructure is his priority. I hope he’s talking about the dismal condition of our streets, and basic services and not more nice to have programs at the expense of such basic services. We will never overcome the last 18 years of neglect….not in my lifetime.

Glad I’ve moved away and only have to visit for business on occasion….but it’s still home and I cry for Conway.