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riggedEveryone on social media is talking about these videos by James O’Keefe with Project Veritas Action. You know — those videos (3 since last Monday) showing how Hillary Clinton’s campaign is illegally working with the Democrat National Committee to rig the outcome of the 2016 presidential election.

Even though Democrats loudly deny what is contained here, O’Keefe lost his Twitter access when the first video was released — a case of “shut him down, there’s nothing to see here”?

But, most telling, the two DNC “consultants” featured in the videos have lost their jobs in the last week: Scott Foval (formerly the National Field Director of Americans United for Change) and Bob Creamer (formerly head of Americans United for Change, as well as another DNC-connected firm called Democracy Partners). Democrats are trying to explain away what you’re about to see as “fictional circumstances, not what really happens,” but we think you can tell what’s fake, just by watching.

See for yourself what corruption has been laid out in the open by Democrat operatives in their own words. Then, answer this:    DO YOU BELIEVE THESE VIDEOS ARE “FAKE”?   HOW WILL YOU VOTE ON NOVEMBER 8?

Rigging the Election – Video I
Clinton Campaign and DNC Incite Violence at Trump Rallies

Rigging the Election – Video II
Mass Voter Fraud

Rigging the Election – Video III
Creamer Confirms Hillary Clinton Was PERSONALLY Involved

Rigging the Election – Video IV
$20K Wire Transfer From Belize Returned

(Added 10/26/16)