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murray-issue3If your neighbor could take out an unlimited loan in your name, would you want to know what they plan to do with all that money? Isn’t Issue 3 the same thing?

If passed, Issue 3 authorizes city/county governments and schools to borrow unlimited sums of money for “economic development” and we taxpayers will be on the hook to repay it. Wouldn’t you like to know what plans they have in mind for your money?

Well, you can ask — and someone did ask Conway Schools Superintendent Dr. Greg Murray when he spoke to the Faulkner County Tea Party last Thursday. But Dr. Murray, keeping his thoughts on possible financial impacts on Conway Schools close to the vest, quickly responded that he “won’t talk about political issues.” It was the only question he wouldn’t answer. (In case you wonder, there is no rule or law that restricts Dr. Murray in discussing these matters.)

You would think, as an educator, Dr. Murray would want to educate taxpayers about issues affecting our schools’ financial operations. Dr. Murray was highly involved in selling that new high school building to Conway taxpayers a few years ago… and during Thursday’s discussion he noted he would “always make sure you know about (special school) elections if raising the millage is involved.” Is he only interested in avoiding “political opinions” when he believes the audience is predisposed to agree with his viewpoint?

Dr. Murray’s lack of transparency is stunning, especially when he’s been spotted more than once in the halls of the state Legislature when school issues are in play in Little Rock. It’s a convenient excuse — “political issues” — however, when the question on the ballot could change our state’s Constitution and directly affects the financial operations of our schools, taxpayers deserve a straight answer.

Conway taxpayers must, by law, pay for our schools through property taxes and other, special taxes that Issue 3 will authorize. Don’t Conway taxpayers deserve to know what Conway Schools has in mind for all that money?