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patriot-protectIf you believe in liberty and call yourself a patriot, prepare for misery. Prepare to be inconvenienced. Uncomfortable. You’ve heard the message before: the truth will make you miserable and then the truth will set you free. But, you must work for it.

The truth is miserable: If Hillary Clinton and the autocratic, Progressive political machine she represents are the winners on November 8, freedom-loving conservatives in America will be walking an inescapable high-line tightrope. Remember, Obama actually warned us, “I will fundamentally change America.”

He’s been largely successful in just 8 short years. All the principles conservatives revere are already being violated on a daily basis: from bathroom common sense to secular indoctrination of our children in public schools to upholding good and decent moral behaviors (complete removal of God from the public space), and even extending to our leftist-only entertainment choices, blatantly left-biased news outlets, activist judges and Supreme Court.

With continued control of the White House, do you think Hillary and her Progressive pay-for-play cronies (Democrats and Republicans) will do anything other than double-down on the destruction Obama’s administration has already started?

Hillary and her George Soros-funded, Saul Alinsky-inspired political machine are fatal to conservatives; they want to eradicate anyone who doesn’t believe in their neo-socialist vision for America, as surely as Isis is out to kill off Americans because we’re not Muslim.

If Hillary Clinton is allowed to continue this never-ending total destruction and removal of America’s proud Judeo-Christian history and background, then we need to face the final truth: America as we know it will never exist in the world again. That beacon of freedom, that unique place on our planet, that shining city on the hill — where every person was created by God to be equal under the eyes of the law and in each other’s eyes — will exist no longer. And we will forever bear the shame and responsibility for losing her.

The truth that sets you free makes you miserable first. We can only hope and pray that being so miserable propels American patriots into action, ensuring that our American truth continues to shine. Otherwise the socialist abyss that’s taken over much of the world will absolutely suck us in, swallow us whole and extinguish even the very spark of liberty.

You say you call yourself a patriot?