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election-2016And the joke going around is “the Democrats got the medical marijuana bill passed because they knew they’d need it if Trump got elected!”

Last night, Arkansas joined the people’s movement across the country that put Donald Trump in the White House, voting 60-34 in his favor against former Arkansas First Lady and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

Fears that a Trump victory would exclude Republicans down-ballot did not materialize: all U.S. Representatives from Arkansas enjoyed clear victories, as did Senator John Boozman — who is now the first Republican Senator in Arkansas history to be re-elected to 2 terms.

Arkansas voters also endorsed a medical marijuana Constitutional amendment after a similar measure came close to passage in 2012, joining more than 25 other states and becoming the first Bible Belt state to do so. A Constitutional amendment affecting county officials and their qualifications for office — as well as an amendment allowing the Governor to keep his powers when traveling out of state — gained favor as well.

Perhaps the most far-reaching Constitutional amendment was also approved by voters, who gave Arkansas, its cities and counties as well as school districts unlimited borrowing power on behalf of taxpayers, with the power to enact special taxes, to support whatever projects they deem to be “economic development.”

With voter support, Republicans in the Arkansas Legislature gained a greater-than-two-thirds majority in the state House of Representatives and held the Republican majority in the state Senate.

The 2016 election marks the beginning of big changes now that Arkansas has a Republican Governor, Republican majorities in the state legislature and we can count on a Republican President in the White House!