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stop-the-spendingEven though we’ve been looking at enormous federal debt numbers for quite some time, it’s still difficult to wrap your mind around just how unsustainable our federal government’s finances really are.

In that vein (you’ve seen similar comparisons before), we present the following as a continuing — and up-to-date — public service announcement:

Current Federal Revenue: $ 3,200,000,000,000
Current Federal Budget: $ 3,280,000,000,000
New Debt: $ 620,000,000,000
Total National Debt: $ 19,270,000,000,000
Budget Cuts: $ 38,000,000,000

To translate these numbers to something more manageable, cut out the last 8 zeroes and look at the numbers as if they were your household budget:

Your Salary $ 32,000
Your Family Spending $ 38,200
New Credit Card Debt: $ 6,200
Total Outstanding Debt: $ 192,700
Budget Cuts: $ 380

Makes it quite easy to understand the folly of the Obama Economy for the last 8 years, doesn’t it?