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We posted this image recently on Facebook, and got the following in reply from an anonymous reader. What do you think, Conway?

To paraphrase the Downtown Partnership, “You can shop ‘till you drop, come take a look at the million-dollar tree (if it’s working this year), ride a cute little train, take a ride in a horse-drawn carriage, or — if you’re really into Christmas — you can ride the ferris wheel!”

In a town with a church on nearly every street corner, the best we can do is a parade and a sub-standard amusement park? Really?

Joni Mitchell once sang, “They paved paradise and put up a parking lot…” From where we stand it looks like “they took the Christ out of Christmas and we end up with a ferris wheel.” What a bunch of bozo losers.

I can’t tell if Conway is trying to be Sodom or Gomorrah, but the public relations the city pushes makes it look like they’re trying to be one or the other.

Conway is trying so hard to be an urbane West Coast snowflake haven that the thought of Christmas being the celebration of the birth of Christ is overshadowed by the pagan celebration of Saturnalia and all the rides and amusements that go with it.

So sad.