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entitledsubmitted by an anonymous reader

“You are entitled to an opinion, as long as it’s mine.” That’s the mindset of liberal and others of that type who talk about diversity, talk about your rights, talk about all the things that you are entitled to. In fact, what they’re really talking about is all the things they feel they’re entitled to. You are not even entitled to disagree with them. And, if they don’t like your opinion, they won’t participate; they obstruct, deny, and incessantly question the facts.

They will talk about all the different things they want you to have and all the things that they want you to do, and how interested they are in your world being “better”, whatever that means. Disagree with them once and you’ll find out how quickly they want to take away all the things they’ve “given” you.

They preach tolerance, but only mean that you should tolerate them and their beliefs. They are actually the most intolerant people you’ll ever meet in your life.

They’ve either forgotten or choose to not remember that your rights are granted to you by God, and only you can give them away. They have no power to give or take away your rights, and that includes people and the government when we’re talking about rights granted in the Constitution.

Many people confuse their right to an opinion with their opinion being right. An opinion is only that, a personally held belief, often with nothing to support it except the individual. An opinion is not tied to facts unless you tie it to facts. Just saying something does not make it true, no matter what Progressives say. Saying something often enough without supporting facts does not make it true either, but that’s not the way the Left wants the world to be.

All this leads to the point of this screed – the 2017 presidential election.

Democrats put up an unindicted felon as their champion with a clown as her number two, and lost with most everyone except the extreme East and West coasts. Their candidate spent a lifetime corrupting and being corrupted, and has a list of things she’s done wrong too long to list here — yet with a few focus-group-tested phrases and a compliant corrupt DNC she managed to win the primaries against the Bernie Sanders movement that outclassed and outvoted her at every turn. Without Debbie Wasserman Schultz and the complicit Democrat National Committee she would never had made it to the nomination.

But Donald Trump’s supporters turned out in key electoral states and Donald Trump has won the election, by the rules, fair and square. The Left can say what it wants to say – put the blame on the alt-right, the Russians, those hackers, everyone but Hillary – but now that the dust has settled, we all can see their candidate lost because her sense of entitlement came across to the voters, who turned instead to put historic numbers of Republicans in office, up and down the ticket.

“You are entitled to an opinion, as long as it’s mine.” It’s not the way Americans make this country great again. All that talk about diversity, your rights, and all the things you are entitled to really does mean something — and it applies to all Americans, not just those to whom the Left awards its goodwill.

Instead of obstructing, denying, and whining, the Left needs to learn that just because you have a right to an opinion doesn’t make your opinion right. Saying something over and over again (and knowing the media will repeat your mantra) doesn’t make you a victor with American voters.

Just as you’re entitled to your opinion, so are the Republicans you despise.

“You’re entitled to an opinion as long as it’s mine” is how the entitled Left, the snowflakes, alt-left, out-and-out spoiled brats of the political class believe they should rule. So much for pronouncements of entitlement!

They’re wrong, Donald Trump showed them they’re wrong, and they’re not happy about it. Too bad, ain’t it?