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What in the world is going on in this country? There was a time when you could discuss differences with people and, whether you convinced them your position was right or not, you could remain friends and go on with your life. Agreeing to disagree was an honored solution to problems; now it’s “my way or the highway!” If we don’t agree on foreign policy we won’t let our kids play together. So sad.

People forget or never knew the Federalist Papers were written for the people — to support the conversation on our Constitution, and to help people become knowledgeable about what the Constitution meant before they voted for or against it. Most people forget that ratification was the people, not the government.

We’ve replaced critical thinking (or any thinking at all in some cases) with partisan talking points. Looking for consistency in many people’s worldview is like looking for pink unicorns; you may if you wish, but you probably won’t be successful. There is nothing that the political spin machine can’t or won’t pervert, and when We the People don’t ask questions about the popular wisdom not agreeing with itself, we’re stuck with a continually changing truth.

Presidential elections occur every four years and grab our attention, highlighting all the issues partisans like to argue about, but the truth is that we’re polarized all the time, not just at election time. Elections just make it easier to see how truly inept our leaders have tended to be for the last thirty years. The last really conservative president was Ronald Reagan, and the last truly liberal president was Lyndon Johnson. Everyone since these two has said they are one thing and then done the other.

Both Bushes and Bill Clinton were liberals, no matter how they portrayed themselves. Barack Obama is a socialist, a globalist, and an “America last” proponent, while Hillary Clinton is just another socialist in the Obama mold.

And that’s just their economics. Look at the social policies they endorsed. We’re seeing promises that anyone who took Civics 101 knows need a compliant legislature to accomplish, yet they said — and their supporters believed — they would do all these things that haven’t been done before.

It’s not a small list, either. Immigration policy, our interactions with the rest of the world, health care or lack of it, abortion yea or nay, you pick it, none of the candidates agreed, and whoever gets elected is hard-pressed to deliver on wild promises. (And, just to keep themselves in shape, they pander to their base whenever they can.)

A start would be to remove exemptions that lawmakers implement so they don’t have to comply with the laws the same as the rest of us.

Make them subject to slander and libel laws, and political ads would change pretty quickly.

Make them use the same health insurance the rest of us have, and they’d fix that pretty
quickly, as well.

Make them work for 40 years instead of a single term before they’re eligible for a pension and the luster of government service would certainly tarnish.

Take away all the perks and require them to work full-time and see how many really want to stay in politics.

Make the Convention of States a reality, rewind the Constitution back to 1789, get rid of all unconstitutional government programs, and see how all that affects our still-skyrocketing national debt.

A new President is inaugurated on January 20 — a President who promises to give We the People our best shot in decades. Will we keep the reins of America in our hands? Or do nothing at all and continue to complain? The choice Is up to you.