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Mar 29, 2017

Our Governor, Guns & the Legislature

"Look, sir, if you're anti-gun, if you are anti-Second Amendment, then why don't you just face up to the people and admit it, instead of asking your legislators to do your dirty work for you?"

by OurVoicesAR

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Jan Morgan, Arkansas native and “First Lady of the Second Amendment,” passionately spoke truth to power in her testimony yesterday afternoon before the House Judiciary Committee about the Governor’s involvement in SB724, the state Senate’s end-run legislation around HB1249/Act 562 (the campus carry bill).

And our lawmakers, judging by the exchange at the end of her testimony, apparently felt “threatened.”

Here’s what she said:

Thank you for allowing me to speak today.

I just left the Governor’s office where I confronted him — his senior staff was as far as I could get on such short notice, but I appreciate the fact that I was able to talk to his senior staff person — because every week I am on Fox News nationally having to debate anti-gun radicals. The last place in the world I expected to have to show up and debate is my own state capitol in my home state of Arkansas and, of all people, Republicans!

You see I was just upstairs, and I notice upstairs you have this big poster that says “Know Your Rights.” And guess what was at the top? The right to keep and to bear arms. And yet, here I am standing before a majority of Republicans having to beg and plead for you to please not further restrict our right to self-defense, folks!

The reason I went to the Governor’s office is because I’ve been up here now for two weeks, on and off. Two weeks. At every turn, I hear rumblings of “Well….” And this is from fellow Republicans — when I confront my fellow Republicans and say “Excuse me, you’re a Republican. Have you forgotten the platform you’re supposed to be representing? We are pro-gun-rights people!

And every Republican that I’ve confronted and said, “Why? What are you thinking? Why are you doing this? Why are we having to fight you on gun rights?”

You know what I heard? Over and over again? “Well, … the Governor.”

So I went to the Governor’s office today to ask him point-blank, “Look, sir, if you’re anti-gun, if you are anti-Second Amendment, then why don’t you just face up to the people and admit it, instead of asking your legislators to do your dirty work for you?

Because, let me tell you something, folks, the Governor may have your back here. But I think, when you have to go back and face the voters, the people who put you in these seats today, you’re going to find out that the Governor can’t vote for them.

What has the electorate said about how sick and tired we are in this state of politically correct, political dirty games? Donald Trump won by a landslide. And, let me tell you, even the all-powerful GOP could not save their establishment Republicans who’ve been doing their dirty work.

Donald Trump won. That should speak volumes to you that your electorate is fed up. We are fed up, people! You are not here to do the will of Governor Asa Hutchinson! You are not here to do the will of your personal inclination on this because maybe you have kids in college who are irresponsible, who drink too much and party too much, and you don’t want them to have a gun.

Well, let me tell you how I feel about that, Jeremy Hutchinson! You tell your son, you be a parent and you tell him, “Son, you don’t need a gun.” But don’t you restrict the gun rights of my daughter! This is my daughter… Guess what, I’m an Arkansas resident!

My daughter took the concealed handgun licensing class. My daughter is well armed and well trained. Her dream was to attend the University of Arkansas-Fayetteville. Guess what? My daughter’s going to a Texas university where her gun rights are not restricted, where she doesn’t have to walk around on campus a defenseless victim waiting to happen.

Let me tell you something, folks. The Governor may have your back here in Little Rock, but he cannot save you from the wrath of an enraged electorate who you will certainly have to answer to. You are a Republican! We have the majority here! We shouldn’t be here discussing gun rights issues. This should be a no-brainer!

We will not forget this! You vote in support of this amendment — and SB724 — I am going to be your worst nightmare in your district. Because I’m going to make sure — we’re doing a roll call on this today — and I’m going to make sure your constituents know who voted in support or against this bill.

Meanwhile, when Ms. Morgan spoke the words “roll call,” House Speaker Jeremy Gillam said, “Mr. Chairman, point of order.” The chair responded, “Mr. Speaker, what’s your point?” Gillam continues, “Our guest is not… the guest is threatening the members instead of actually speaking in support of the bill.”

As Ms. Morgan left the podium, she responded “Oh, no sir! This is not a threat, this is a promise.”

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