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May 16, 2017

Without His Signature: Gov Hutchinson Didn’t Sign

After the 91st General Assembly, Governor Hutchinson allowed 13 bills to become law without signing them, thereby withholding what many see as an important imprimatur by the Governor on certain issues.

by OurVoicesAR

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The Governor allowed these 13 bills — ranging from FOIA and spending authorizations to crime/safety laws — to go into effect without his signature, but refusing to sign the anti-Sharia Act 980 drew conservative criticism.


♦   HB1041 / Act 980 by Rep. Brandt Smith (R)
Bars a court ruling or decision based on foreign law

♦   HB1086 / Act 736 by the Joint Budget Committee
Authorizes spending for the Arkansas Legislative Audit in Fiscal 2018

♦   HB1742 / Act 966 by Rep. Laurie Rushing (R)
Limits Deceptive Trade Practices Act action to people with financial losses due to a practice declared illegal

♦   HB1778 / Act 981 by Rep. David Hillman (R)
Creates industrial hemp research program

♦   HB1897 / Act 984 by Rep. Scott Baltz (D)
Panic button alert system for 2- and 4-year colleges

♦   HB1944 / Act 777 by Rep. Charlotte Douglas (R)
Creates 10-member advisory board to help recipients of funds from federal Victims of Crime Act, STOP Violence Against Women Act and Family Violence Prevention and Services Act

♦   HB2164 / Act 985 by Rep. Dwight Tosh (R)
Establishes 5-member Pawnbroker Licensure Commission

♦   SB45 / Act 737 by the Joint Budget Committee
Authorizes spending for the Bureau of Legislative Research (Fiscal 2018)

♦   SB131 / Act 474 by Sen. Gary Stubblefield (R)
Adjusts the Arkansas Freedom of Information Act to exclude certain state Capitol Police records

♦   SB132 / Act 861 by Sen. Jeremy Hutchinson (R)
Creates the Commission for Parent Counsel

♦   SB138 / Act 712 by Sen. Jimmy Hickey (R)
Process for revoking the charter of a municipal corporation due to noncompliance with state law

♦   SB430 /Act 983 by Sen. Jason Rapert
Bars cities from naming publicly funded airports after living individuals elected to federal, state, county or municipal office

♦   HB698 / Act 982 by Sen. Bryan King
Sponsors of proposed ballot measures must reimburse the state for the cost of publication of the proposed measures

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