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Jun 25, 2017

Congress, Get a Clue!

Dems are moving uber-Left while GOP breaks apart on what should be support of its own platform. Neither party has a clue about the voters.

by OurVoicesAR

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GOP maneuvering in the House and Senate over the repeal/replace of Obamacare has spotlighted the split between GOP conservatives and their middle-of-the-road party partners. How the GOP handles this very narrow path to successful passage will tell us a lot about whether that party can deliver tax reform — and President Trump’s other planned legislation — in the way voters clearly demanded last November.

It’s somewhat strange to see … Our country’s two main political parties couldn’t be more confused about a successful way forward, even though voters have repeatedly signaled their choices over the last few elections.

The Democrats, under the mistaken notion that the country wants to move uber-Left, champions the socialist ideas of Senators Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren while also celebrating vile, violent rhetoric (like Kathy Griffin, and that “Julius Ceasar” play) that coarsens everyone involved. Violence in the streets via Antifa is much more common now, and a left-leaning activist in Alexandria even made opposition lawmakers into literal targets.

Meanwhile, the Left not only lost the presidential race, but has lost every major Congressional race since last November. How can they not understand? Voters are correctly connecting all that violence and irresponsible, dangerous rhetoric with Democrat candidates and making their wishes known at the ballot box.

The Republicans aren’t doing much better. Infighting between full-on conservatives and moderates who call themselves conservatives threatens GOP re-election chances beginning in 2018; voters are not seeing the changes in government they voted to enact when they gave the GOP full control of the presidency and Congress.

Even though the small but scrappy Freedom Caucus managed to force more conservative changes to the House health care bill, the American Health Care Act of 2017 goes only a short way down the repeal/replace road. Now that the Senate’s health care bill is out, a handful of conservative Senators have already opposed that plan because it “doesn’t go far enough.” (The Arkansas GOP would do well to consider the tableau in D.C., as the same split is playing out in our home state.)

What happens if moderates win out?

If moderate Democrats prevail, America will be better off for it; we do not need a far-left socialist party as one of the major forces in our country’s politics. That failed ideology is too far removed from our Constitution and doesn’t support American values.

If moderate Republicans prevail, America will continue to suffer — as we have for several generations — under foreign and domestic policies that strangle our economy and an unsustainable debt load that continues to rise. What to do about health care will only be a part of our problems then.

Voters, we’ve made our choices clear. Congress, get a clue!

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