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Jul 2, 2017

Act 879 Changes “Archaic” Language

The Left has caught on to conservatives' distaste for their constant insistence on "politically correct" speech.

by OurVoicesAR

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Act 879, which specifies that the word “alderman” will be officially replaced by the term “council member,” starts August 1 and affects about 400 municipal governments in Arkansas.

“Eliminating gender-specific language wasn’t as much of a nod to political correctness as it was an update to fit the times, said Jewell White, a former City Council member in the western Arkansas city of Paris (Logan County).”

Republican State Rep. Roger Lynch of Lonoke sponsored HB 1733, which later became Act 879 after the Governor’s signature after White initiated the changes.

After spending 24 years in Paris City Government, White had served a term on the Paris City Council. “She said being referred to as alderman and not alderwoman didn’t ‘particularly’ bother her, but the terminology just seemed archaic.”

Is insisting upon “gender-inclusive” wording not working anymore? Now, Democrats are apparently vexed by “archaic terminology” — but the end result is the same: they’re still demanding all public language they don’t like must be changed to suit their specific sense of properness.

Is this the kind of stuff we pay our Republican lawmakers to do up there in Little Rock??

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