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Jul 1, 2017

Gov. Hutchinson’s Health Care Plea: “Conservative”?

Gov. Hutchinson wants more federal funding for Medicaid in the health care bill.

by OurVoicesAR

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Why are we not at all surprised that Gov. Hutchinson says the health care bill should “preserve more federal support for Medicaid and other subsidies to help low-income people buy coverage”?

“In a Little Rock news conference Thursday, Hutchinson said that without the changes he suggested, the Better Care Reconciliation Act would result in a ‘massive cost shift’ as it phases out enhanced federal funding that has gone to states such as Arkansas that expanded their Medicaid programs.

“‘The state of Arkansas could not absorb that additional investment that would be required to maintain the coverage for 300,000 Arkansans” covered under the expanded part of the state’s Medicaid program, Hutchinson said. “And so we would have to make dramatic changes based upon that reduced federal participation.'”      ♦ More from Arkansas Dem-Gazette

In 2013, moderate Republicans in the GOP-majority Arkansas Legislature left their conservative friends behind when they decided — against GOP voters’ wishes — to team up with Democrats to implement Obamacare via the Private Option. Grassroots conservative voters were astounded that any Arkansas Republicans would knowingly take “free” federal money to shore up our state budget and expand government entitlements to put able-bodied, healthy adults on expanded Medicaid.

Of course the Governor now wants that “free” money spigot to stay fully open! No matter that Arkansas Medicaid expansion costs more in federal health care dollars than many other states, no matter that our federal debt load is nearing $20 trillion, no matter that Obamacare/Medicaid expansion is a national financial train wreck, and no matter that those “free” federal dollars are still tax dollars coming out of YOUR pocket.

Despite what Congress may accomplish, the current Obamacare/Medicaid situation will change, either by law or due to outright financial disaster. And thanks to Republicans like Gov. Hutchinson, Arkansas will be in dire financial straits — unless we stop spending someone else’s “free” money. But our “conservative” Governor, even now, wants to keep spending more of what we already do not have and cannot afford!

The big surprise here should be that this rhetoric comes from our Republican Governor. It sounds just like Mike Beebe — only with an “R” after his name.

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