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Jul 19, 2017

Small Government in Arkansas: Epiphany

It's nice to talk about lowering expenses to reduce taxes, but which Arkansas politicians will take the first step?

by OurVoicesAR

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Some folks in Arkansas are saying you can’t lower taxes without lowering expenses.

But, we wonder … How will you reduce expenditures without legislation, and how will you get legislation out of politicians whose only real job is getting re-elected? The answers are you won’t and you won’t. Period.

So, let’s put together a blue ribbon panel and let them tell us what we need to do. Really? And what makes them more capable than Joe Citizen to determine which government programs need to stay or go?
The chair is a CPA (and he really knows numbers) — got a hint for you, all CPAs really know numbers. Nothing going on here, move along.

How about looking at the mission of each government department and determining if:

• It’s still needed
• It’s unique
• It’s located in the proper place in government
• It can be combined with a like functions to save and share resources.

But first we must look at each Arkansas state agency to decide if the service delivered is worth the cost (I’d say use some cost/benefit analysts, but government has never heard of them and wouldn’t know what to do with one if it was a gift).

The government does lots of great stuff. The real question is does the government do lots of great stuff that’s also a government function?

How about privatization? I’m sure there are plenty of government positions that could be replaced by a contracted civilian at lower cost and with higher efficiency. Really. Without the government monopoly to make management fat, lazy, complacent, and inept, any manager who doesn’t know how to compete is gone. So is any employee who plays the system instead of doing their job.

Higher employment, smaller government. It’s all good.

So what can we do? Start by listening to what politicians say, ask questions to insure you understand what they’ve said, keep asking questions until they get the picture that double-talk is no longer acceptable and they’d better have some facts.

Oh yeah, and don’t vote for a politician who won’t follow through on their promises once elected, no matter what party he/she belongs to.

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