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Sep 20, 2017

Is America Worth It?

We who believe in America ("patriots") now find ourselves fighting the Left in a culture war -- and the casualties are piling up.

by OurVoicesAR

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Several had their homes, farms, and businesses destroyed and lived in poverty. Their papers and libraries were destroyed. Five were captured and imprisoned. One was driven from his wife’s bedside as she was dying, and one’s wife was taken prisoner — she died within months. Other families were forced into hiding.

Some were captured by the British, and did not survive that incarceration. One adamantly refused to disavow his position, so his sons were killed in return. The Founders suffered greatly for their steadfast belief in America’s promise of equality and justice for all citizens.

Freedom isn’t easy! But protecting and restoring America’s heritage and future is absolutely noble and worthwhile. Patriots all.

What about folks like Michael Caputo, Roger Stone, and other associates of our President today? Saddled with huge, insurmountable legal fees, they are suffering while their reputations and daily lives are constantly trashed by the Left’s mad obsession to destroy Trump and all conservatives. Witness folks like Eric Bolling, who not only was fired from his job last week but suffered the suicide of his only child the next day.

Good grief, we now have proof that our Leftist-controlled government had even wiretapped the campaign manager of a Presidential candidate! What about everyday conservative citizens who are getting beaten at every turn by Antifa for daring to support our President and conservatism? Today seems not much different than America’s struggle for independence from tyrannical Britain back in the 1700s.

We who believe in America (“patriots”) now find ourselves in a culture war — and the casualties are piling up. What will we do? Will believers in America’s freedom and liberty have their lives, homes, businesses, monuments, and libraries destroyed; will we live in spiritual poverty? Will our families be wrecked and imprisoned? Is Freedom — America’s unique and shining premise — worth it all?

America is our last refuge for individual freedom on this entire planet. We can only hope and pray that American citizens will continue to have the heart to fight for liberty and the right to govern ourselves, free of oppressive government and authoritarian rule that would impose socialism on our great land.

No matter if we suffer the loss of our lives, our fortunes and our sacred honor….

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