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Sep 10, 2017

Trump’s Debt Limit Deal

Congress gave our President Trump three choices: he chose the best one for the country.

by OurVoicesAR

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Both the Republicans and the Democrats in Congress chose to tie hurricane relief funding to the debt limit deadline — clearly demonstrating how neither has the country’s best interests at heart. Apparently McConnell, Ryan, Pelosi, and Schumer (both parties) all think it’s a good idea to use the suffering of Americans to further their party agendas.

When the GOP wanted to push the debt limit deal beyond the mid-term elections (1st offer was for 18 months), Trump appropriately said “NO.” The GOP then offered (2nd offer) a 6-month extension, and the Democrats cleverly used the opening to offer up (3rd choice) a 3-month extension (involving very little “pain” on their part) which also puts them in a more favorable position on the issue moving forward. Democrats just used the opening the feckless Republicans left for them; neither party is acting in a stellar fashion when it comes to Americans who are suffering after natural disasters.

Our President Trump, the deal maker, knows exactly how difficult it’s been for the majority-GOP Congress to pass ANYTHING, and he knew he had only three choices here. Our independent President (beholden to neither party?) chose the one offer least damaging to the country: the 3-month deal. President Trump knows the country NEEDS the storm relief funds, especially now with two Cat-4 hurricanes affecting the southern states. And, his short-term deal puts the issue squarely back where it belongs: in the hands of Congress — basically forcing them to act.

Congress – the leadership of both parties — are the ones to blame here. Badly needed hurricane relief funding should never be tied to a political football like the debt limit. (And, of course, we have a debt limit/spending problem because of who? And now we badly need funds for BASICS like saving lives.)

SHAME on Congress for playing politics with the terrible personal tragedies playing out in Texas and Florida!!

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