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Arkansas Judiciary 101

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ar-judiciary101-228x150The Arkansas judicial system includes five courts: Arkansas Supreme Court, Arkansas Court of Appeals, Circuit Courts, State District Courts, and Local (formerly City) Courts.

This series examines each court and its jurisdiction and cases, as well as current sitting judges and judicial candidates as far as 2012.


♦  Arkansas Court Structure (.PDF Diagram)

♦  State District Court

District Court Judges

♦  Circuit Court

Circuit Court Judges

♦  Court of Appeals

Court of Appeals Judges

♦  Arkansas Supreme Court

Arkansas Supreme Court Justices

Becoming educated and informed about non-partisan candidates is a most difficult task for engaged voters in election years like this one.  Of particular concern are our judges, who in their rulings continue shaping precedent for years to come.  How does an informed voter learn enough to select and vote for conservatives who will follow the law and not “legislate from the bench”?

We offer “Arkansas Judiciary 101” to help with that task.  Becoming informed about how the court system works and the people involved in the judiciary system will go a long way to making tough voting choices in non-partisan elections.

“Arkansas Judiciary 101” explains how the court system is structured, which courts cover which types of cases, and which judges are in place now, along with biographical info for candidates for various judicial positions.  Much of the information comes from public sources such as Arkansas Judiciary and Arkansas Legal Services Partnershp.