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Candidates 2016: City of Conway

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main-candidates-2016-conwayUPDATE 11/8/16: Conway voters re-elected all incumbent City Council members, while electing a new Mayor; results are shown below.

The Mayor, City Clerk, and 4 Aldermen (City Council members) will be elected at the November 8, 2016 General Election.

For your reference, incumbents are listed first.

The 2016 non-partisan candidates for Conway’s Mayor, City Clerk, and all Position 1 seats on the City Council are:

Tab Townsell (Incumbent) (Not Running in 2016)
Bart Castleberry 12,981
Mark Elsinger 6,545
Scott Grummer 2,985

Michael Garrett (Incumbent)


Andy Hawkins (Incumbent) 2,853
Kent Mathis 2,051

Wesley Pruitt (Incumbent)

Mark Ledbetter (Incumbent)

Theo Jones, Jr. (Incumbent) 3,236
Taylor Martin 1,583

The 2016 filing period for non-partisan city offices closed on February 29, 2016.

Conway’s Mayor serves a 4-year term and is elected in presidential election years. First elected in 1996, the current Mayor, Tab Townsell, is not running again after serving 5 terms.

Mayoral candidates include a 30-year Conway Police Department veteran who once served as interim Police Chief: Mark Elsinger, Conway’s retired Fire Chief who now heads up Conway’s Permits/Inspections Department: Bart Castleberry, and the City of Conway’s Program Manager for Community Development: Scott Grummer.

Conway’s City Clerk, Mike Garrett, first elected in 1998 at age 26, has also filed for re-election; he has no challengers.

Each one of Conway’s four wards has two aldermen: Position 1 (elected by that ward) and Position 2 (elected city-wide). Aldermen are elected for serve 4-year terms. So, half the council is elected every 2 years: all Position 1 seats one time and all Position 2 seats the next.

In 2016, all the Position 1 seats (ward-specific) are open for election and all four sitting aldermen have filed for re-election. However, only two — Andy Hawkins (Ward 1) and Theo Jones (Ward 4) — have opponents for November 8.