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Candidates 2016: President

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UPDATE 11/8/2016: Arkansas elected Donald J. Trump by 59.9% vs. Hillary Clinton at 33.89%.

Gary Johnson received 2.64% of the statewide vote, with Evan McMullin at 1.18%, Jill Stein at .84%, Lynn Kahn at .72%, Jim Hedges at .42% and Darrell L. Castle at .41%.

On your Arkansas General Election ballot for November 8, 2016 are the following candidates for President / Vice President:


Darrell Castle – Scott Bradley (Constitution Party)
Hillary Clinton – Tim Kaine (Democrat)
Jim Hedges – Bill Bayes (Independent)
Tom Hoefling – Steve Schulin (Independent)
Gary Johnson – William F. “Bill” Weld (Libertarian)
Dr. Lynn Kahn – Kathleen Monahan (Independent)
Evan McMullin – Nathan Johnson (Independent – Better for America)
Jill E. Stein – Ajamu Baraka (Green)
Donald Trump – Mike Pence (Republican)

Top results for President from Arkansas’ March 1, 2016 Preferential Primary are listed below. Percentages rounded to nearest whole number; map shows Republican vote by county.

Hillary Clinton 66%
Bernie Sanders 30

Donald Trump 33%
Ted Cruz 31%
Marco Rubio 25%

Election results from Arkansas Secretary of State.