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  • Jun 22

    The Russian Connection

    Trump's ties to Russia are disgusting! by OurVoicesAR

  • Jun 22

    “Modern Educayshun”

    What's a Modern Educayshun good for? by OurVoicesAR

  • Jun 22

    Free Speech & the Law

    "Controversial speech has people talking about what restrictions, if any, society can enforce on words we despise." by OurVoicesAR

  • Jun 15

    Democrat Mike Nelson to Seek Crawford’s Seat

    An Arkansas County cattle farmer / businessman will seek the Democrat nomination for the 1st Congressional District. by OurVoicesAR

  • Jun 14

    Even Wonder Woman

    The Left is dismantling every last vestige of America and our proud history that exemplifies liberty & freedom. Now it's even reached Wonder Woman. by OurVoicesAR

  • Jun 12

    Leading Dems: No Criminal Action by Trump

    "When the media resorts to unknown sources and unseen documents as a basis of their stories, they can make up any fake story they want." by OurVoicesAR

  • Jun 7

    On “Cultural Appropriation”

    "The concept of cultural appropriation is nothing less than an intellectual fence: Keep out." by OurVoicesAR

  • Jun 4

    Arkansas State Society Elects Officers

    New officers were elected for the Arkansas State Society as the social club seeks to revitalize its operations in the U.S. capital. by OurVoicesAR

  • May 18

    Goebbels’ Logic Is Left’s Quintessential “Truth”

    Hitler's propaganda man Joseph Goebbels was famous for his analysis of lies and lying: by OurVoicesAR

  • Mar 28

    Playing to Win

    In this "social justice" war, we conservative Republicans are being misled. by OurVoicesAR

  • Jan 22

    Hypocrisy, Double Standards, and Lies

    I don’t know about you but I am more and more getting annoyed and angry at the actions of those who didn’t vote for President Donald Trump. Not because they didn’t vote for him but because their behavior following the election and inauguration is appalling; bordering on evil. Their responses are infantile and irresponsible. They... by OurVoicesAR

  • Jan 2

    By the People, For the People: Our Best Shot in Decades

    What in the world is going on in this country? There was a time when you could discuss differences with people and, whether you convinced them your position was right or not, you could remain friends and go on with your life. Agreeing to disagree was an honored solution to problems; now it’s “my way... by OurVoicesAR

  • Dec 20

    ‘We the People,’ not ‘We the Democrats’

    Our Founders, in their infinite wisdom, created the Electoral College to ensure that all the states are fairly represented in elections. Now apparently the Democrats want us to believe they know better (but only because their candidate/party lost the presidential election) — shouldn’t just one or two densely populated areas speak for the whole of... by OurVoicesAR

  • Dec 4

    You’re Entitled

    submitted by an anonymous reader “You are entitled to an opinion, as long as it’s mine.” That’s the mindset of liberal and others of that type who talk about diversity, talk about your rights, talk about all the things that you are entitled to. In fact, what they’re really talking about is all the things... by OurVoicesAR

  • Nov 12

    What If This Was Your Household Budget?

    Even though we’ve been looking at enormous federal debt numbers for quite some time, it’s still difficult to wrap your mind around just how unsustainable our federal government’s finances really are. In that vein (you’ve seen similar comparisons before), we present the following as a continuing — and up-to-date — public service announcement: Current Federal... by OurVoicesAR