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  • Dec 20

    ‘We the People,’ not ‘We the Democrats’

    Our Founders, in their infinite wisdom, created the Electoral College to ensure that all the states are fairly represented in elections. Now apparently the Democrats want us to believe they know better (but only because their candidate/party lost the presidential election) — shouldn’t just one or two densely populated areas speak for the whole of... by OurVoicesAR

  • Dec 4

    You’re Entitled

    submitted by an anonymous reader “You are entitled to an opinion, as long as it’s mine.” That’s the mindset of liberal and others of that type who talk about diversity, talk about your rights, talk about all the things that you are entitled to. In fact, what they’re really talking about is all the things... by OurVoicesAR

  • Nov 12

    What If This Was Your Household Budget?

    Even though we’ve been looking at enormous federal debt numbers for quite some time, it’s still difficult to wrap your mind around just how unsustainable our federal government’s finances really are. In that vein (you’ve seen similar comparisons before), we present the following as a continuing — and up-to-date — public service announcement: Current Federal... by OurVoicesAR

  • Nov 9

    Election 2016: Arkansas Backs Trump; OKs Med Marijuana

    And the joke going around is “the Democrats got the medical marijuana bill passed because they knew they’d need it if Trump got elected!” Last night, Arkansas joined the people’s movement across the country that put Donald Trump in the White House, voting 60-34 in his favor against former Arkansas First Lady and Secretary of... by OurVoicesAR

  • Oct 24

    Project Veritas Videos Illustrate Clinton Corruption

    Everyone on social media is talking about these videos by James O’Keefe with Project Veritas Action. You know — those videos (3 since last Monday) showing how Hillary Clinton’s campaign is illegally working with the Democrat National Committee to rig the outcome of the 2016 presidential election. Even though Democrats loudly deny what is contained... by OurVoicesAR

  • Oct 24

    “This Is the Right Thing to Do…”

    Lynne Patton, a black female who serves in an executive position with the Trump family’s charitable organization, posted this YouTube video back in May. Before you’re tempted to say, “She’s paid to do it!” take a few moments and listen to her, in her own words, tell you her story. As she says, “This is... by OurVoicesAR

  • Oct 8

    You Say You’re a Patriot?

    If you believe in liberty and call yourself a patriot, prepare for misery. Prepare to be inconvenienced. Uncomfortable. You’ve heard the message before: the truth will make you miserable and then the truth will set you free. But, you must work for it. The truth is miserable: If Hillary Clinton and the autocratic, Progressive political... by OurVoicesAR

  • Sep 24

    Irony of Ironies: Hillary Talks “Trump’s Lies”

    As you could expect, the Clinton campaign staff is working the press ahead of Monday’s Presidential debate. Their current talking points take aim at Trump “showing a clear pattern of repeating provably false lies:” Debates are about each candidate laying out their vision for America, not making things up. Donald Trump has shown a clear... by OurVoicesAR

  • Sep 9

    Why Vote Democrat?

    submitted by an anonymous reader Why would I wish to vote Democrat? The easy answer is I wouldn’t, but the “why” is important. The Democrat party is mostly liberal, although there are a few who are not. There are Liberal Republicans as well, so maybe the question should be “Why would I vote Liberal?” The... by OurVoicesAR

  • Aug 23

    Free Speech in America: Hillary’s Media

    We’re becoming more and more aware that the American media — including many well respected online and print news sources — have abandoned all thoughts of objective journalism in the Presidential election. For those of you who do not believe the American media is controlling the messages we receive… take a look at today’s news... by OurVoicesAR

  • Aug 18

    Why Voters Tune In to Trump

    Over and over again voters have tried to demonstrate to our elected officials why we are unhappy with the direction our country is going — but they will not (or do not want to) listen. Donald Trump says he will fix it and, even while watching more and more voters tune in to Trump, politicians... by OurVoicesAR

  • Aug 6

    Christians Who Support Trump: To Speak or Not?

    This unbelievable presidential election cycle has already brought more drama than can ever be easily digested by American voters. Not only are the Republican and Democrat candidates flogging wildly at each other’s political and personal foibles, but voters are increasingly violent against those with opposing opinions. Especially if you are a Christian supporter of Donald... by OurVoicesAR

  • Jul 29

    Hillary, Democrats, and Free Speech: Arkansas Delegate Barred from DNC

    We’re watching….Democrat Progressives are more and more revealing their “my way or the highway” attitude toward anyone who doesn’t follow their socialist line of thinking for America’s future. They are not content to allow others with opposing viewpoints to even have an opinion: If you do not agree with the collective’s thinking, the Left wlil... by OurVoicesAR

  • Jul 27

    Plagiarism, Melania, Michelle and the Truth

    We thought Melania Trump knocked it out of the ballpark with last week’s RNC speech about her husband, Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump, but the Progressive media overshadowed her success with their strident criticisms of plagiarism. Turns out (as on so many, many other topics), the Progressives are again ignoring the facts. As reported by... by OurVoicesAR

  • Jul 25

    “God’s Not Dead” Billboard Rejected at RNC — but Atheist One OK

    America’s progressive media voices are exploding with criticisms of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump’s “apocalyptic” acceptance speech, some even saying it portrays a dystopian view of our country and its problems. They are wrong. We vehemently disagree that everything is great in our beloved America when Christians are being disenfranchised at every turn by close-minded... by OurVoicesAR

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