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  • Mar 24

    Our Governor, Guns & the NRA

    Arkansas conservatives, is our Governor more concerned about his NRA rating, your Second Amendment rights, or pleasing the University of Arkansas on campus carry? by OurVoicesAR

  • Nov 12

    State GOP Allows Democrat Majority on Revenue/Tax Committee

    After Tuesday’s election, Republican lawmakers and voters were pleasantly surprised the GOP increased its majority positions in both the Arkansas House and Senate — Arkansas voters gave the GOP just one vote short of a super-majority in both chambers. You’d assume the GOP would use that voter-mandated power to control the Arkansas Legislature’s working committees,... by OurVoicesAR

  • Nov 9

    Election 2016: Arkansas Backs Trump; OKs Med Marijuana

    And the joke going around is “the Democrats got the medical marijuana bill passed because they knew they’d need it if Trump got elected!” Last night, Arkansas joined the people’s movement across the country that put Donald Trump in the White House, voting 60-34 in his favor against former Arkansas First Lady and Secretary of... by OurVoicesAR

  • Oct 31

    Infamous Crimes in Issue 1: State Constitution vs. State Law

    Voters are hearing the words “infamous crimes” thrown around a lot lately. Why should voters care? Just what are infamous crimes, anyway? Why are infamous crimes part of Issue 1 on our ballot? “Infamous crimes” can be defined many ways, but Arkansas state law and the state Constitution, of course, govern how state courts handle... by OurVoicesAR