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  • Jan 29

    Trump’s “Lies” & “Veterans’ Tax Cuts”

    The left-leaning mainstream media is all caught up in reporting President Trump’s “lies.” Some pundits point out that an unproven remark is quite different than intentionally misleading with the goal of obscuring the truth. Politicos understand that each side will paint any situation with words that give a rosy glow while glossing over (as best... by OurVoicesAR

  • Nov 12

    What If This Was Your Household Budget?

    Even though we’ve been looking at enormous federal debt numbers for quite some time, it’s still difficult to wrap your mind around just how unsustainable our federal government’s finances really are. In that vein (you’ve seen similar comparisons before), we present the following as a continuing — and up-to-date — public service announcement: Current Federal... by OurVoicesAR

  • Jul 29

    Spending Highway Money on Non-Highway Things

    This is Part II of our thoughts on Conway’s roads funding and the Southern Interchange. Read Part I of “Paying for Conway: Southern Interchange” here. AHTD reports it had to cancel planned road projects due to a lack of funds it blames on decreasing fuel tax revenue.  What a bunch of morons!  For years we’re... by Jack

  • Jul 23

    Paying For Conway: Southern Interchange

    This is Part I of our thoughts on Conway’s roads funding and the Southern Interchange. Read Part II of “Paying for Conway: Southern Interchange” here. It’s like the bad dream that keeps on recurring.  Our Mayor’s hero, the Prevaricator in Chief, manages through poor planning, a lack of forethought, and as many other descriptors of... by Jack

  • Jun 23

    Spirit Homes Defeated

    Or is it?  Tonight Conway’s City Council voted 8-0 to cancel contract purchase negotiations for the Spirit Homes property.  Before the vote, the Council took time to inform the audience that a municipal swimming facility “is a real need,” although Spirit Homes is “probably not the right place to put it.” This followed a committee... by OurVoicesAR

  • Jun 1

    Conway Growth: What About Strained Streets?

    From Sunday, May 31, Log Cabin Democrat, published with permission of Vivian Hogue, the author     To our city government of Conway: There are many of us who are acquainted with walking through farm fields and having to hop, skip and jump, sometimes unsuccessfully, over “cow patties.”  This could easily translate to trying to... by OurVoicesAR

  • Apr 18

    Conway’s Mayor is Addicted to Parks

    Conway Mayor Tab Townsell’s addiction to parks and immature grasp of city finances are catching up with him and causing legal trouble for the City of Conway. A lawsuit now in front of Circuit Judge Michael Murphy alleges Conway unlawfully used proceeds from a quarter-cent sales tax approved in 2001 for expansion of Conway’s parks... by OurVoicesAR

  • Apr 14

    Speaking Spirit Truth to the Mayor & Council

    (Submitted by a Faulkner County observer) This is an open letter to the City Council and Mayor of Conway, Arkansas concerning the proposed purchase of the Spirit Homes property and conversion into a park.  As a constituent of each of you, I ask that you vote no to this project. New parks sound like such... by OurVoicesAR

  • Apr 7

    Winners & Losers in Conway

    A “concerned reader” penned the following verses after reading about Conway’s purchase of Spirit Homes for more recreational facilities, a project Mayor Townsell wants done. The Council and the Mayor, you see, say they’re just like you and me. But we know that that’s just not true; they’re mostly NOT like me and you. Oh... by OurVoicesAR

  • Apr 6

    Questions Without Answers: Who in Conway Will Pay?

    A favorite TV comedian does a regular segment called “Questions Without Answers.” With a bow to Michael Loftus, here’s some “Questions Without Answers” for Mayor Townsell and the Conway City Council on this ill-conceived idea of making Spirit Homes into more recreational facilities. ♦  Estimated yearly operating costs for a facility such as Mayor Townsell... by OurVoicesAR

  • Apr 6

    Conway Mayor’s Latest Folly: Spirit Homes

    (Submitted by a Faulkner County observer) Last Tuesday night I attended the public meeting outlining the potential community / swim center our Mayor is touting as such a bargain for Conway.  Several odd things things stood out to me: ♦  The Mayor said the property being considered (Spirit Homes across from Walmart on Dave Ward)... by OurVoicesAR

  • Dec 23

    County Eyes Sheriff’s Department, Animal Shelter Funding

    Incoming County Judge Jim Baker “supports both” raises for sheriffs’ deputies and a county animal shelter, but isn’t ready to talk yet about his solution to funding those pressing county concerns — and Faulkner County’s Sheriff Andy Shock will now wait until 2015 to pursue his department’s salary needs with the Quorum Court. According to... by OurVoicesAR

  • Dec 21

    That Christmas Tree Spending Bill

    Just like Santa, we made a list, but this one’s all about the good and bad pieces of that 1700-page “CRomnibus” spending bill Congress just passed. Representative Marcy Kaptur, an Ohio Democrat and a senior member of the House Appropriations Committee, criticized the $1.1 trillion “Christmas tree bill” decorated with “dangerous and unwelcome, nongermane riders,”... by OurVoicesAR

  • Dec 12

    Full-Time Arkansas Legislature?

    People who don’t believe in fortune-tellers know that sometimes all it takes are keen powers of observation to pull off earthshaking “predictions” about someone’s future. For the Arkansas Legislature, though, it doesn’t even take keen powers of observation to predict the future of the unlimited salary-setting to be performed by the “Committee Appointed by the... by OurVoicesAR

  • Sep 26

    Conway Wants More Taxes

    If you live in Conway, that sucking sound you hear isn’t Toad Suck — it’s more tax money the Mayor and Council want to take from your wallet. Right on the heels of a city-wide referendum to spend almost $30 million for a new shopping center and associated street work, Conway Mayor Tab Townsell and... by OurVoicesAR