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  • Jun 28

    Breaking the 10 Commandments (Monument)

    He did it again... by OurVoicesAR

  • Dec 20

    Christmas in Conway

    We posted this image recently on Facebook, and got the following in reply from an anonymous reader. What do you think, Conway? To paraphrase the Downtown Partnership, “You can shop ‘till you drop, come take a look at the million-dollar tree (if it’s working this year), ride a cute little train, take a ride in... by OurVoicesAR

  • Oct 8

    You Say You’re a Patriot?

    If you believe in liberty and call yourself a patriot, prepare for misery. Prepare to be inconvenienced. Uncomfortable. You’ve heard the message before: the truth will make you miserable and then the truth will set you free. But, you must work for it. The truth is miserable: If Hillary Clinton and the autocratic, Progressive political... by OurVoicesAR

  • Feb 12

    Sheriff Candidates Queried on Constitutional Specifics

    If elected as Sheriff, all the Faulkner County Republican candidates would appear to have identical views of upholding and defending the Constitution, according to a recent multiple-choice poll. JP Damon Edwards (District 12) queried the candidates and then distributed a printed version of the responses at the February 11 sheriff candidate forum sponsored by the... by OurVoicesAR

  • Jan 7

    How Constitutional Sheriffs Protect Their County Citizens

    Faulkner County’s 2016 sheriff candidates have all pledged to support CSPOA to defend against unconstitutional state and federal mandates in the areas of gun control, religious freedom, Agenda 21 issues, property rights, water rights, mining rights, health care privacy, and 10th Amendment issues. (More information here.) The U.S. Constitution establishes the sovereignty of the sheriff’s... by OurVoicesAR

  • Jan 7

    Sheriff Candidates Make Constitutional Pledge

    They’re pretty simple questions. And they all answered essentially the same way — a very good thing for conservatives and a game-changer for Faulkner County, no matter who becomes our next Sheriff. Candidates for Faulkner County Sheriff were asked: “What are your thoughts of the CSPOA? Would you consider attending CSPOA training and send your... by OurVoicesAR

  • Jan 5

    CSPOA Stands in Face of State, Federal Overreach

    Remember Arizona sheriff Richard Mack who sued the federal government in 1994 over background checks mandated by the Brady Handgun Violence Prevention Act? His lawsuit said that making local sheriffs conduct Brady bill-mandated background checks amounted to an unconstitutional congressional action that compelled state officers to execute Federal law. The suit went all the way... by OurVoicesAR